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DIA'21: Fensterschau

5. bis 10. Juli 2021

Tipps zu den Standorten

Altstadt Wismar
und kleinere Querstraßen

Hafenbereich Wismar
Alter Holzhafen 3
Alter Holzhafen 19
Stockholmer Straße 16

"DIA'21: window show" - green sticker license plate

Walk through the Old Town and the Old Port of the Hanseatic City of Wismar and discover student and graduate work in the windows.

From Monday, July 5 to Saturday, July 10, 2021 - The exhibition will take place in windows of Wismar stores, offices, cafés, but also apartment windows on the first floor. The windows will be marked with a green sticker, matching this year's DIA poster. The identification sign is the parrot or a QR code with reference to the DIA'21 program on a green background.

Locations - In Wismar's old town, around ABC- and Breite-Straße, in Scheuerstraße and in smaller cross streets, the study and graduation works from the design courses can be discovered. But also on the quay edge (Alter Holzhafen 3), from the quay bar to the architectural offices, on the east side of the TGZ (Technologie- und Gewerbezentrum Wismar e.V., Alter Holzhafen 19) at the harbor tip and in the windows of the InnovationPort (Stockholmer Str. 16) at the harbor.

Student projects and final theses - The designs from the courses of study Architectural Lighting Design, Architecture, Design, Interior Design as well as Communication Design and Media will be presented mainly as posters in DinA 2 format. Occasionally, however, larger works will also be shown, such as stool designs in 1:1 scale. More than 50 group works as well as works by individual students are on display.

Students and graduates of the last three semesters of the Faculty of Design at the University of Applied Sciences Wismar took the opportunity to secure a window in the old town of Wismar for the "DIA'21: Window Show" in order to show their study and graduation works. They were able to submit their work directly to the student organizing team.

Thank you - To all participating business and private people we thank you very much for your support and your window.

Auf der Suche – Die Studentinnen (v.l.n.r.) Joy Burmeister und Ava Knauf fotografiert durch Katja Beier (alle Innenarchitektur, 2. Semester) fragen die Eigentümer mit einem Brief des Dekans nach geeigneten Fenstern in der Altstadt von Wismar für die „DIA’21: Fensterschau“, Juni 2021

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