Light designs in St. Nikolai

Design by Nishan Barua from the Master's programme Architectural Lighting Design.

Photo: Private
St.-Nikolai-Kirchhof 15, 23966 Wismar

Light objects in space - In Wismar's St. Nikolai Church (St.-Nikolai-Kirchhof 15, 23966 Wismar), light designs from the international Master's programme Architectural Lighting Design can be seen until 14th January 2022 always between 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.. Please note the applicable hygiene regulations on site. The project is supervised by Prof. Bettina Menzel, Prof. Jan Blieske and Bipin Rao.


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  • St.-Nikolai-Kirchhof 15, 23966 Wismar

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