Diversity Day

The main focus of "Diversity Day" is diversity. The day of action is directed against the exclusion of people – whether because of their religion, their skin color, their sexual orientation or a disability.

The 5th German "Diversity Day" took place nationwide on 30th May 2017. The 6th German" Diversity Day" will take place on 5th June 2018.

1. Diversity Day 2017 at the Faculty of Architecture and Design

What is the difference between Arabic and Chinese calligraphy? How to play traditional Chinese Chess? Have you ever played ice hockey, the Canadian national sport, in Wismar? Which traditional musical instruments from Bengal do you know? Why are they looking for "Unity in Diversity" in India? Have you ever been a guest in Iran? Why is tea flying in Malaysia? What do you think, where is the origin of the social game "Ludo – Don´t get angry!"? Have you ever built toys made of bamboo chop sticks?

36 students from 10 nations offered their own activities and small workshops on the 5th German Diversity Day, so the visitors could get an insight into their diverse cultures. Together, they showed us that everybody can live, study and work successful to each other and that diversity enriches our society.

The diversity at the Faculty is not only evident in the different cultures. Dr. Antje Bernier, responsible for disabled at the University of Wismar, offered a workshop on "Your face of disability?". The Equality of the Hochschule Wismar showed an exhibition on "Women in Science". Prof. Dr. Anton Hahne presented with his students the results of his interdisciplinary seminar on "Refugees" and the IQ network of the Hochschule Wismar presented their "World Mapping" card.

For the first time, the Faculty of Architecture and Design took part in the nationwide day of action and is more than enthusiastic about the creativity and engagement of its students.


  • Photo exhibition "Please quite diverse!" – Philipp Poschmann | Maik Wedig
  • Chinese calligraphy – Wang Long | Cao Rongxi | Ren Yu | Wang Yue  
  • Paper cut – Wang Dongbo
  • Traditional Chinese chess – Wang Guangyu
  • A closer look on Syria – Arabic language and writing – Mhd Hazem Alsamman | Mouaz Alghandour | Mhd Haian Al Zouabi
  • "Unity in Diversity"
 – Lin Heikham | Kritish Marucha | Arvind Parmar | Neha Patel | Pragnesh Raval | Mathi Samathkumar | Jasmeet Singh
  • Traditional musical instruments of Bengal – Ezaz Ahmed
  • How to play (Ice)hockey in Canada – Jordi Ryan Ashworth | Spencer Chisholm | Kenneth Paul Darling
  • Iranian hospitality – Armaghan Amirhassankhani | Amirreza Badieizadeh | Banafsheh Baniasadi
  • "Ludo – Don´t get angry!" – Thomas Hübner | Patrick Spichal
  • "Unplugged“ Taiwanese toys – Hsin-Nan Chou | Pei-Hua Chen | PeiYu Wu
  • "Teh Tarik" and "Anyaman" from Malaysia
 – Jun Hong Tan | Suet Mun Goh | Yu Jin Lim | Yi Hui Tan | Yi Jun Ooi
  • Diversity map – 
All participants can mark their home country on a world map.
  • Diversity cookbook – Recipes from 50 nations
    Everybody brings a favourite recipe from her/his home country.
  • Introduction to the sketch project: "New concepts for student dormitory"
  • The IQ network of the Robert-Schmidt-Institut provides diversity bags with some surprises.
  • Exhibition "Women in Science" from Equality of Hochschule Wismar
  • Information booth by International Office and Faculty of Architecture and Design
  • The day ends with diverse music at the bar