What is the exchange about?

The project involves subject-related research and practical self-building workshops in Germany and South Africa, jointly guided by HSW and NMU staff. It initiates a multidisciplinary student exchange, allowing participants to explore self-building methodologies in Germany and South Africa.

The participatory approach to the interdisciplinary project forms an essential part of the exchange studies, in support and preparation of subsequent self-construction activities, which will be carried each February by the international student team of HSW and NMU students. After an intensive introduction to the principles of sustainable development by the Department of Development Studies and the Chair of Human Settlements, the interdisciplinary team will initiate and accompany a participatory process that aims to make a valuable contribution to an improvement of living conditions in the host country.

For one semester, German students will study at the partnering NMU Departments of Development Studies and Human Settlements, practising Participatory Design procedures and making preparations required for subsequent Joint Action projects, executed each February in 3 subsequent years.

After returning from South Africa, the German exchange students will be part of the team hosting a group of South African participants, together attending workshops and tailor-made field trips with the focus on green and sustainable building. This twoway exchange, allowing students to learn from each other at eye level, forms an essential objective of the programme.

Who can participate?

Students with the following motivation

• Courage for creative solutions

• Interest in sustainable development practice

• Willingness to intercultural, interdisciplinary cooperation

• Sufficient knowledge of English

• Enthusiasm for handicraft activities

Students of the following disciplines

• Architecture (master), 2 places

• KuM - Communication Design and Media (diploma, main study), 1 place

• Civil Engineering (BA 7th sem.), 1 place

• Business Administration (Master), 1 place

What needs to be done?

Till the end of April of each year (2019-2022), the following application documents are to be issued. Please submit by e-mail to both contact persons listed below

• Curriculum vitae

• Motivation letter

• Description of your previous and selected course of study

After evaluation of the documents, personal interviews will take place in May. For the exchange semester, the International Office will help you to apply for financial support within the PROMOS program.