Eine Welt-Preis 2018

First prize for the self-built project Joe Slovo West – During the opening of the Weltwechsel event series on the 29th of October 2018, students that participated in the Joint Action Project have been awarded with the first prize for the self-built project Joe Slovo West with the ecumenical award "Eine Welt MV". The award is given to projects and people that are committed to create greater justice in one world and is endowed with 2.000€.

DIA Preis 2017

Won in the Category Architecture – On the 7th of July 2017 the jury, consisting of 10 members, of the annual exhibition at the Hochschule Wismar have selected the built extension for Hilda as the winning project in the category architecture. The project has been selected from a pool of around 300 different projects that have been done over the winter semester 2016 and summer semester 2017.