DIA 2018

For the annual „DIA“ exhibition of the Faculty of Architecture and Design an exhibition stand was specifically designed and build by a student team, consisting of elements also used for the business extensions implemented in South African. The "look and feel" of the pallet structure created an immediate impression to interested fellow students guests, invited to watch project movies (by communication design students) and „action“ scenes (by individual team members), while sitting on the improvised stands formed by industrial pallets.  

Thormann Speicher 2017

During the annual exhibition “DIA 2017” of Wismar´s Faculty of Architecture and Design, the student self-build project was awarded with the prize of the Architectural Courses and was subsequently on public display in the historic „Thormann Speicher“, a warehouse within Wismar´s Old Harbour. By creating this public platform for one week, an intensive discourse on the objectives and methods of the project was initiated. The attention received also contributed fruitfully to its fundraising goals, encouraging for a continuation of the involvement.

DIA 2017

The annual „DIA“ exhibition of the Faculty of Architecture and Design.