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(from left to right) Ralf Mucha (in his function as chairman of the local advisory council of the district of Lichtenhagen, member of the state parliament of M-V), Claus Ruhe Madsen (Lord Mayor of Rostock), Klara Geywitz (Federal Minister for Housing, Urban Development and Construction) present the new logo for Lichtenhagen on 14th May 2022. Design by Jette Rieck. Photo: private, 14th May 2022
Left: Lisa Radl (neighbourhood manager Lichtenhagen) moderated the presentation of the new logo. Photo: private, 14th May 2022
Logo design by Jette Rieck, 3rd semester, plus application example on a T-shirt. Faculty of Architecture and Design at Hochschule Wismar, University of Applied Sciences, 2022

The selected logo for the district of Lichtenhagen in Rostock was presented on Saturday, 14th May 2022 as part of the ceremonial opening of the Bürgerpark Toitenwinkel, just in time for the nationwide "Day of Urban Development". It was to be distinctive, original and independent, according to the clients of the Rostocker Gesellschaft für Stadterneuerung, Stadtentwicklung und Wohnungsbau mbH, Stadtteilbüro Lichtenhagen, represented by neighbourhood manager Lisa Radl, regarding the task. A high level of acceptance by the district residents was desired. Five designs from the Communication Design and Media diploma course were presented to the residents of Lichtenhagen. The design by Jette Rieck from the 3rd semester was selected. Supervised by Prof. Hanka Polkehn.

Mosaics as a source of ideas
The recently renovated seven fountains "Life in Water" in the pedestrian zone Lichtenhäger Brink were planned as a meeting point, a central meeting place, and are still considered the focal point of the district today. The yellow, purple shell mosaic of the fountain there was taken up by the student Jette Rieck and gave her ideas for colouring, form and the mosaic-like composition of the surfaces, which can also be seen as a reference to the theme of urban planning. A simple typeface blends in with the shell shape.

Lichtenhagen in Rostock
The district of Lichtenhagen, located in the north-west of Rostock, was built in the 1970s. It was considered a prime example of successful urban development. Many people are familiar with the Sonnenblumenhaus (Sunflower House), named after the mosaic on its façade. More than 14,000 inhabitants live in Lichtenhagen on an area of 5.9 square kilometres (as of 2020, population development by city area on rostock.de). Architecturally incorporated art, art in public spaces or art on buildings such as mosaics, fountains or sculptures are typical of GDR architecture.

If you have any questions about the project, please contact directly
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