The Student Body Council

The IDA-Rat (Council) looks after the interests of the students of the Faculty of Architecture and Design. It is the point of contact for all students of the Faculty of Architecture and Design and answers queries concerning all aspects of the course of study. The Council provides answers regarding the course, study guidelines or examination regulations and is open to new ideas. Parties, film evenings and other activities are organised by the IDA-Rat. This also means that if the students require a projector or other piece of party equipment, such items can be borrowed here.

The Student Body Council since Winterterm 2018/19:
left to right:
Kylie Ann Lohse (Architektur, Bachelor)
Sarah Hübner (Kommunikationsdesign und Medien)
Laura Kilpert (Architektur, Bachelor)
Lasse Köhler (Design)
Jasmina Jüngling (Kommunikationsdesign und Medien)
Nils Strothoff (Kommunikationsdesign und Medien)
Lisa Dobry (Architektur, Bachelor)

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Phone: 03841 753 7544
Building 10, room 219, 1st floor

Hours of consultation

Wednesday, 4–6 pm
and by appointment