Design, Bachelor and Master

Product Design and Jewellery Design are focal points of the bachelor’s degree course Design – Product and Jewellery as well as the master’s degree course Material Culture Design.

By combining these two subjects, course contents can be taught, which reflect the process of designing material goods, such as industrial products as well as jewellery objects, in light of a broad spectrum of specialist subjects, design methods, and objectives.

Besides the influences of the latest positions in art and design, craftsmanship, and technology, the introduction of aspects of digitally based interactive technologies, in particular, constitute a link to the teaching contents between the subject disciplines of both focal areas and already provides students with the opportunity to work on assignments beyond the classical understanding of products during the bachelor’s degree course. 

The practical application of the concepts and models that emerge during teaching, constitutes another essential focus area of the project-oriented degree courses. The fact that students are able to choose interdisciplinary subjects is based on the direct cooperation with Hochschule Wismar’s Faculty of Engineering and the Wismar Business School. The collaboration with manufacturing companies is a curricular emphasis of the master’s degree course.