Ever been to a studio party? Or enjoyed the summer air on a roof deck listening to relaxing music? These are two of the traditional ways in which students of the Faculty of Architecture and Design like to let their hair down. Then there is also the long “DIAnacht” (“Slide Night”) with fellow students, instructors and guests. And what else is there? The creative motto parties, a pleasant drink in the sophisticated ambience of the many vernissages, and just in case that is not enough, private parties with fellow students. And actually, out of tradition, the long party list also contains the Spring Ball, the soap box race and the Dragon Festival.


Whether it is the sound of the guitar, electronic music, retro or classical music  – some well-known festivals with diverse types of music in the area are: Jamel Rockt den Förster (Jamel), Immergut (Neustrelitz), Fusion (Lärz), Sunset Rock Open Air (Güstrow), Musikfestival Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Usedomer Musikfestival, Jazzfestival in Eldena (Greifswald) and the Blues Festival (Rostock), the Pangea Festival (Ribnitz-Damgarten) or the Festival Fette Ente im Krokoteich (Insel Rügen).

Apart from that

As an insider’s tip, the parties held on the beach in the summer months are extremely popular. They are mostly privately organised and often spontaneous affairs. There is no shortage of possibilities. Joining in is the name of the game.