Literature and catalogues

The body of literature currently includes

  • over 230,000 volumes on different topic areas, oriented towards the profile of Wismar University of Applied Sciences
  • approx. 380 current magazines,
  • more than 30,000 electronic books
  • approx. 42,500 electronic magazines
  • an extensive collection of technical regulations and directives.

In addition, an extensive textbook collection (LBS) is available. The literature is catalogued by the online catalog (OPAC) . Cataloguing has been performed online since 1995 in the Common Library Network (GBV) PICA system in Göttingen. In lending - the interlibrary loan - can be ordered those media which are not included in the inventory of the university library Wismar.

Database research

The homepage of the library provides access to licensed and freely available on the net scientific databases. The database search can be performed on selected research computers in the library or online.

Especially for the students of the Faculty of Architecture and Design is among others the image database "Prometheus" available. Additional research possibilities are available in the architecture information exchange and the standards office. Literature and other media are acquired in line with the literature wishes and acquisition suggestions from individual faculties.

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