Architecture, Bachelor and Master

A degree in Architecture at Hochschule Wismar has been the only possibility for training for architects in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern since 1992 and forms one of the core areas at Hochschule Wismar together with other construction-related degree courses such as Interior Design, Architectural Lighting Design and Civil Engineering.

In 2000, the Architecture department was one of the first in Germany to replace the Architecture diploma degree course with a consecutively struc-tured degree course culminating in a Bachelor of Arts degree after six semesters and a Master of Arts degree after a further four semesters. The choice of courses was extended with the introduction of the international postgraduate master’s degree in Architectural Lighting Design in 2002. The introduction of a master’s degree in Architecture and the Environment as a correspondence course is an indication of the constant further devel-opment of teaching in recent years.

The architect’s occupation is geared towards the planning and realisation of building projects. The foundations for working as an architect are laid during the degree course through scientifically-based, practice-oriented training. Our aim is to train self-confident, critical and creative architects who are in a position to cope with changing professional circumstances. A willingness to work as part of a team and strong associative thinking skills are important components of the training.