International Day at the Faculty

Each semester, the International Office of Hochschule Wismar in cooperation with the Faculty of  Architecture and Design organizes the International Day.

The idea behind it: to provide usefull information about the exchange opportunities, funding programmes and the necessary preparations for students, who plan a semester abroad. Representatives of the International Office and Professors of the Faculty inform about existing cooperations and open exchange places for coming semester.

Students, who have already spent one semester abroad, report about their experiences. International students introduce their home Universities and give insights into their everyday lives and studies.

All German and international students as well as the Professors and employees of the Faculty of Architecture and Design are invited to inform themselves and get to know the international students. The diverse nationalities also present themselves through a buffet of small treats.

30 years of ERASMUS: yesterday – today – tomorrow

Review of the special programme on 23rd November 2017

On the occasion of 30th anniversary of Erasmus exchange programme, there was a full day celebration of the programme and international exchange at Hochschule Wismar.

As part of a variegated kick-off program, a very special choir with student singers from four countries – Ukraine, India, Iran and Mexico – provided an entertaining musical accompaniment and even original Erasmus alumni students were welcomed.

In addition to information for German students on the possibilities of the Erasmus+ programme, visitors could take part on lectures and testimonials from German students who had already completed a semester abroad and from foreign students who introduced their home Universities and countries.

In a separate workshop, lecturers and staff from Hochschule Wismar were informed about the many possibilities that Erasmus+ offers them.

The day ended with interesting discussions between the lecturers, students and staff on the international market. There, 72 current exchange students from 14 countries as well as the international students from the whole world presented typical food and drinks, art and culture of their home countries. Beside the possibility to taste and discuss, visitors could also  practice Chinese calligraphy, Malaysian Anyaman, Mahjon and much more.