Integrative Urban-Rural Development - Master’s degree course


By the time the Integrated Urban Development Concept (German: ISEK) was prepared as part of the national competition “Urban Reconstruction East”, the principle of holistic planning was being re-addressed and discussed publicly in consideration of diminishing requirements. Apart from the towns which have recognised the integrative development approach as a productive principle, and towns “implementing” ISEK and monitoring in order to receive subsidies, transdisciplinary processes of urban and regional development still remain marginal today.


The objective of implementing integrative development planning for towns, villages and regions and to communicate this from the perspective of the various specialist levels, requires great diversity in training and education, which addresses and brings together a wide variety of partners and interests in urban development. This unique course of study to date will impart the knowledge required to enable you to act confidently and in a manner leading to the desired results in this complex subject field, to formulate requirements and to manage and moderate processes.


Successful completion of the course will lead to the award of the internationally recognised degree Master of Science (M.Sc.), entitling you to enrol in a PhD programme and granting you the opportunity to pursue a career as a senior civil servant.

The Master’s degree course “Integrative Urban-Rural Development” is a correspondence course of Hochschule Wismar - University of Applied Sciences: Technology, Business and Design.