Architecture – Master's Degree Course

Hochschule Wismar, University of Applied Sciences Technology, Business and Design, in Wismar, Germany, is one of the public universities on the Baltic coast in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany. As a public university in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern there will be no tuition fee.

The Faculty of Architecture and Design at Hochschule Wismar offers a good relationship between students and staff and comfortable, well-equipped facilities. Studying here is very progressive in terms of the course content. In Wismar architecture is studied more individually than elsewhere. Students in the Master Degree Course in Architecture are expected to spend their time setting their own individual priorities by means of a suitable choice of design topics, based on a personal learning objectives plan which they have prepared at the start of the course. For this the Faculty suggests some primary issues but is flexible enough to be able to accommodate other preferences as well.

The Master Degree Course in Architecture is very internationally focused and can be studied in English as well as German. The Faculty already maintains contacts with Universities in China, New Zealand, Slovakia, Thailand and USA.

To study architecture in Wismar means to work in small groups, to be mentored individually, to have access to excellent technical facilities and, above all, to intensely be confronted with design. In times in which the profession and the professional fields of architects are changing, it is especially important to acquire competence and responsibility through the studies. It means, understanding that architecture as a result of an individual development process is in large parts determined by the subjective experiences gained. The growing specialization of technical disciplines requests an integrating generalist for the cultural mission of building.

From the first semester until completion the studies are determined by design projects, which are accompanied theoretically and with regard to contents supplemented by elective modules. We expect our students to plan their studies in a way that they set individual topical focal points. It is our aim to educate self-confident, critical and creative architects, who are able to deal with a changing professional environment.

Study Counseling

Course Content

The Master’s degree course is designed to deepen the skills acquired in the Bachelor’s degree course and to set a focus for individual professional aptitudes. The course is modular and organized project-oriented. The focus of each of each of the first three semesters is a design project, which is accompanied by a theoretical seminar and which will be deepened with regards to contents. The studies are supplemented by impromptu designs and a variety of topics in the elective modules.

In the fourth semester the Master thesis will be written.

Through a cooperation with Shenyang Jianzhu University/China our students have the opportunity to acquire a Master’s degree at both universities.

Job Description

The architect’s occupational profile and fields of activity have changed in the last 20 years. In the master’s degree course, students should recognise and consistently extend their own individual potential in order to be able to develop new fields of activity through their own work profile.

The Master of Arts qualification is regarded as a requirement for enrolment in German architects’ associations lists of architects. It permits independent work and leads to professional qualification as an architect worldwide in accordance with the UNESCO/UIA directive. The degree is also a qualification for taking up a doctoral examination procedure and opens up professional opportunities in the upper levels of public authorities in Germany. The areas of work lie mainly in architect‘s and planning offices, as a freelance architect, in authorities and institutions, in science and also in professions related to architecture and building.


Academic Degree

Master of Arts (M.A.)



Campus / Distance learning

Studies on campus

Normal period

4 Semester

Start of studies

to winter and summer semester

Place of study


Classroom Language

german, english


This course has an accreditation

Conditions for admission
  • erster berufsqualifizierender Bachelorabschluss mit einer Abschlussnote von mindestens 2,3 oder besser in der Fachrichtung Architektur

Besondere Zulassungsvoraussetzungen:

  • dem Antrag auf Zulassung ist eine schriftliche Bewerbung und ein Portfolio beizufügen
  • die Zulassung erfolgt durch ein Auswahlverfahren

Details zur Zulassung finden Sie in den entsprechenden Ordnungen.