Roadmap for Teaching as of 6 December 2021 // Coronavirus

leerer Seminarraum
Seminarräume und Hörsäle sind ab 6. Dezember 2021 wieder leer, weil die Lehrveranstaltungen online angeboten werden.

Up to and including Friday, 3.12.2021, teaching will continue according to the rules currently in force. This time will also be used to prepare for the changes thereafter.

From Monday, 6.12.2021, until Friday, 17.12.2021, teaching will again basically take place online. Including Christmas break, this will result in a four-week phase of minimised contacts, which will hopefully contribute to reducing the increase in the number of infections.

During this time, as an exception, only those courses that require special teaching/learning rooms (laboratories, workshops, studios) and therefore cannot be offered remotely may be held on campus. Examinations planned during this period may also be conducted on site if they cannot be transferred into digital formats.

A strict "3G+" rule applies to all of these exceptions: All students must present proof of a negative coronavirus test to the lecturers on each day they come to campus. The lecturers are to personally check this proof, as well as the vaccinated/recovered status of all students (not only random samples). Those who are vaccinated or have recovered can provide this proof by taking a self-test at the beginning of the first course of the day under the supervision of the lecturers. The university will provide the self-tests required for this purpose. Students who are not vaccinated or have not recovered must present the latest proof of a negative CoV-2 test from a certified testing centre for the first lecture of the day.

The same regulation applies to access to the university library.

For university employees, the already communicated requirements continue to apply.

The seminar and lecture rooms that are not used during this period are open to students who have to be on campus during breaks due to their participation in classes that are exceptionally held on site. In these rooms, face masks are required at all times, as well as a minimum distance of 1.5 metres between those present.

Such a conversion of teaching to digital formats shortly before the end of the year is regrettable. However, it is hoped that this phase will be short-lived and that the disruption to studies will be minimal.

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