Thinking in possibilities

Image: Professor Björn Kernspeckt

He was already a lecturer at the beginning of the summer semester this year and has now been able to continue his work fluently at our Faculty of Architecture and Design. He will be teaching on the various aspects and application fields of conceptual idea development in the course Communication Design and Media. Here, his focus is on advertising, although Professor Kernspeckt defines this term more broadly than it is generally understood. He is interested ingiving students an understanding as well as the necessary tools and approaches to be able to solve current communication problems in a contemporary way. This can be classic or digital advertising. In his view, however, it becomes particularly exciting when the ideas can no longer be properly classified. Is it advertising, design, or perhaps already a service or an independent product? It is important not to think in pigeonholes, but in possibilities, is a guiding principle of the newly appointed professor.

Professor Kernspeckt holds a degree in design, has worked for more than 12 years in renowned creative agencies and has taught at universities in parallel.  Since 2020, he has been working as a freelance creative. Many of his works and also the works of students that Prof. Kernspeckt had supervised were awarded at national and international creative competitions. He himself is a member of the Art Directors Club Germany and has been appointed to the jury of the competition of the same name there for years.

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