Workshops hous 7a optimised

Stromwürfel schaffen mehr Flexibilität.
Power cubes create more flexibility. Photos: Hochschule Wismar, University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Architecture and Design, Leon Stahlkopf, April 2024
Blick in die Werkstätten. Die Maschinen wurden optimaler positioniert.
View of the workshops. The machines have been optimally positioned.
Blick in die Werkstätten, hier auf die 3D-Drucker
View of the workshops, here of the 3D printers.
Durchbruch schafft Übersichtlichkeit und kürzere Wege
The breakthrough creates clarity and shorter distances.

The workshops of the Faculty of Architecture ans Design at Hochschule Wismar, University of Applied Sciences, in Building 7c on the ground floor have been optimised since 2020. The changes implemented so far include the extraction system, the electrical system and the connection of the workshop rooms. What exactly is new?

The two new air recirculation units for the wood workshop allow work to be carried out more energy-efficiently, faster and more quietly. The previous central extraction system with exhaust air system and corresponding noise emissions has been replaced by two decentralised recirculating air units, each specialised for their respective tasks. On the one hand, electricity can now be saved significantly thanks to the lower power consumption and, on the other hand, the filtered room air is fed straight back into the workshop area, so that heating costs in the workshop area can be noticeably reduced.

The newly installed modern electrical distribution boards now supply the respective workshop rooms in a decentralised manner with new connection options, safety options and separate emergency shutdowns. In this context, it was also possible to optimise the existing machines and equip the bench rooms with flexibly manageable power cubes above each workstation.

The newly created opening in the longitudinal axis of the workshops is a significant improvement in addition to all the technical things. This has greatly improved the clarity of the layout and has greatly shortened the distances for staff and students. An electronically controlled fire door ensures the necessary safety.

When we asked the workshop employees directly, the answer was "The overall concept was the best change. Everything is now clearer, less cluttered and safer. All that's missing now is the new circular table saw with Hand Guard Protection System to complete the new safety concept and get the workshop up and running again."

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