Additive Manufacturing | Reproduction Molded Stone

Project Infos

Year: 2020


Fromm, Asko, Prof. Dr.-Ing.Hennemeyer, Arnd Florian, Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Annika Borchert

Project type:

Using the VXC 800, an ornamented molded stone from St. Paul's Church in Schwerin was reproduced.

The data basis for this was created in the course of Prof. Dr. Hennemeyer "Angewandte Bauaufnahme: Die Schweriner Paulskirche - ein Bau der Neubacksteingotik" by Annika Borchert with the procedure structure from motion (SFM). With this method several photos can be combined to a 3D model. Distinctive points in the images are automatically identified and related to each other. The resulting point cloud can be used to map the digital surface, which can then be used for the high-resolution additive manufacturing process.