Canyon of History

Canyon of History

Project Infos

Year: 2020


Hackel, Marcus, Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Johannes Dörnen, Pedro Javier Bermudez Fernandez

Project type:
Group Project

The key feature of the culture Centre is the discovery of our own cultural background and history. By passing the canyon guests discover the history of both countries on small screens and information tables located on each side of it. At the deepest point of the area, the guests get confronted with today´s culture and what societies are based on.

Taking a broad look at what we understand by culture and how we perceive it we find that it’s made by thousands of years of history and traditions piling up together into what we see today, much like an iceberg where what we can see over the water is held in place by most of its mass underwater. Thinking about this concept our general image of our building is one of interest, interest to discover what is hidden underground, what keeping the visible in place.

But this is not a Centre for all culture, this building will nest German and Cuban culture within so we needed a way to summarize those cultures and synthesize them into an architectural Language, and it would seem that the Cuban culture is all about music, dance, movement we represented it with natural flowing lines. On the other hand, German Culture seems to be quite different, more technical and less emotional…making us think about strait lines where nothing is by chance and all is done with a purpose.

We wanted to show that Cultures no matter how different in nature and traditions can come together as one, with respect and admiration to one another.

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