Cargobike-shop: "transportrad-mv"

Outside perspective, Emma Karamnow

Project Infos

Year: 2021

Interior Design

Hantke, Oliver, Prof.

Emma Karamnow

Project type:

Cargo bikes can make a significant contribution to reducing innercity car traffic and are increasingly shaping the cityscape in our metropolises. The popularity is slowly increasing and for some people the cargo bike has become indispensable as a car replacement.

For the young Rostock based transport bike shop “transportrad-mv”, a shop concept was to be developed for the Schwerin location at the train station. The former depot in Schwerin will be converted into an urban center in the long term. In addition to cultural institutions, a publishing house and gastronomy, the location close to the center now also offers the Rostock company “Transportrad-mv” a location to offer cargo bikes in Schwerin. In addition to the classic sale of cargo bikes, the integration of a cargo bike rental company and office space that should be available as co-working for the shop operator and for the ADFC were part of this design.

Outside perspective, Emma Karamnow
Ground floor plan, Emma Karamnow
Ground plan upper floor, Emma Karamnow
Salesroom, Emma Karamnow
Salesroom, Emma Karamnow
Open plan office, Emma Karamnow
Kitchen perspective, Emma Karamnow
workshop furniture, Emma Karamnow
Design outdoor space, Emma Karamnow