Case 2021

Dorian Reusch, Workstation

Project Infos

Year: 2021

Product Design

Macher, Christoph A., Prof.


Project type:
ConceptGroup Project

Housing concept for a workstation/housing design 2021

Largely freed from the requirements of mechanical concerns, the design of the enclosures of electronic devices is primarily aimed at conveying the quality of their immaterial effect. In addition to the requirements of the specific application, reliability and compliance with technologically determined standards represent premises under which arguments for a housing form can be elicited.

We are looking for a design of a compact computer housing that is capable of appropriately and concisely questioning the conventional formal language of this product category through the accentuated visualisation of semantic repertoire. Which associations harbour the design potential? What stylistic means - also taking into account technological limitations - are available for this?

Dorian Reusch, Workstation, Detail
Michelle Witt, Workstation
Michelle Witt, Workstation, Construction
Johanna Ebert, Workstation
Johanna Ebert, Workstation, Construction
Monica Carro Blanes, Voice Controlled Assistant (2020)
Monica Carro Blanes, Voice Controlled Assistant (2020), Detail
Alexander Rastawicki, Workstation
Sophie Brehmer, Workstation