Hydro Metropole

Project Infos

Year: 2022


Ludwig, Matthias, Prof.Niemann, Beate, Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Sven Sander M.A.

Project type:
Exam ProjectConcept

"Autarky" - Following this guiding idea, architecture student Sven Sander shows urban planning strategies for a developing city by means of constant learning processes in his Master's thesis "HYDRO METROPOLE - Urban Change through Sea Level Rise". The proposed structure cultivates ideas, reveals spatial qualities and promotes social interaction. With regard to the urban development concept, the project is a preliminary stage that bundles creative potential and paves the way to the city of the future.

The urban design focuses on strategies for the development of a future urban structure that breaks out of familiar and rigid structures and can form a new spatial and social basis in the next 100 to 150 years as part of a visionary expansion of the existing living space on the water. Factors such as political circumstances, climatic changes and demographics, as well as migration, provide new points of densification and, above all, change. The aim of an evolving city by means of continuous learning processes is to demonstrate structures that are on the one hand a flexible, robust and functional construct and on the other hand have high urban, architectural and social qualities. The combination of the interplay of water, a playability of cell-like platforms and the volumes that form should shape a new cityscape. The declared visionary goal is self-sufficiency, equalisation of space, space for innovative redesign and thus the attempt to redefine future life.