Objects in the orchard

Project Infos

Year: 2021

Interior Design

Menzel, Bettina, Prof.

4. Semester Innenarchitektur

Project type:
Group Project

As part of the subject Perceptual Psychology, 15 students of the 4th semester Interior Design installed six special objects of perception, to stimulate the senses, in Pansevitz Castle Park on 05.06.2021.

On the meadow orchard, the objects lead into the park and are an experience for young and old. The students had about 100 roof battens at their disposal, which they used in various constructions and combinations. The exhibition is set up as a tour and can be explored from any point in the meadow orchard.

Flyer for the exhibition with introduction and map (front page)
Flyer for the exhibition with a short explanation of the objects (reverse side)