Material and Craft 2021

Lara Erdmann

Project Infos

Year: 2021

Product Design

Macher, Christoph A., Prof.


Project type:
Group Project



Based on the design of a stool, the aspects of specific material use in the design field are examined and tested. In contrast to the use of material substitutes in design model making, the specific properties of the original materials selected for the design goal are used here. An essential role is played by the aspects of handicraft production with regard to the variability of their significance in the technical as well as aesthetic sense. In addition to getting to know traditional material processing through examples from the history of art and design, aspects of the technical properties as well as methods of processing, also from the field of model making, are touched upon.

Justus Pläge
Maria Seika
Mathis Schreier
Annalena Pein
Jan Ole Klich
Paul Frenkel