Soak up the sun

Lena Hendel

Project Infos

Year: 2021

ArchitectureProduct Design

Macher, Christoph A., Prof.


Project type:
ConceptGroup ProjectCooperation

Study of an energy self-sufficient photovoltaic-based charging station

The reduction of climate-damaging greenhouse gas emissions determines the topics in politics, research and development in the long term. In addition to the development of relevant technologies and processes for the resource-saving use of materials and energy, measures to raise awareness of ecological interrelationships and to promote environmentally conscious behaviour play an important role. As the basis for a large number of relevant applications, the technologies for the generation and use of alternative energies are particularly in the focus of design and communication measures. In this context, the high-profile area of mobility is particularly suitable for supporting the acceptance of sustainable utilisation concepts by providing new product models for public as well as private utilisation.

In an interdisciplinary project, these connections are to be examined in more detail and used to specify the design of an energy-autonomous photovoltaic charging station. The design is intended to form the design-constructive framework for the interpretation of a project initiated in the MVU area and, further, to be available as a guiding idea for the realisation of a functional prototype for the campus of Wismar University of Applied Sciences. In addition to taking into account general requirements for the design of technical facilities in public areas, a further focus is on linking the concept with aspects of identification with the project-initiating areas, Wismar University of Applied Sciences as a research-active university, but also with aspects of a historically grown, economically specific regional environment.

Florian Drews
Isabell Weniger
Guido Willmann