Variety 2021

Leon Pautsch, Mill

Project Infos

Year: 2021

Product Design

Macher, Christoph A., Prof.


Project type:
ConceptGroup Project

Man has been playing games for thousands of years, and many games still in use today date back to this time. Their appearance is often the result of constant change, also of a process of adaptation that takes into account the demands of content and society. Thus, the demands on the object of the game grew at an early stage beyond the requirements of the actual game content. The object of the game becomes an object of artisanal and artistic contemplation and translation. Valuable materials and elaborate workmanship turn games into articles of early cultural export - coveted trade goods that fill treasure troves and cabinets of curiosities.

The project thematises a possible individual view of the varied appearance of today's board games. We are looking for interpretations that can expand the meaning and the levels of sensual (game) experiences through creative finesse, targeted choice of materials and processing.

Luise Nitschke, Vivien Abarth, Plannable
Luise Nitschke, Vivien Abarth, Plannable
Hanna Reppmann, Clash
Hanna Steenken, Dice Tower
Jia Yuxi, Five Wins
Julius Pless, Malefiz