Workshop "Dynamic Lighting"

Building 7 A-B Bridge

Project Infos

Year: 2009

Architectural Lighting Design

Rohde, Michael F., Prof.


Project type:

»Dynamic Lighting«, or the definition of space through light! Dynamic lighting is an innovative and meanwhile integral part of sophisticated architectural lighting design. In this seminar were studied and discussed examples of media facade lighting concepts and dynamic lighting solutions in general. In order to deepen the gained knowledge an intensive one week experimental workshop was carried out. The partner that made this experiment possible was Elementlabs, a cutting edge manufacturer, specialised in digital video-wall equipment.

Buildings 7 A-B Bridge Group:
Paul Ehlert, Quang Tran, Deni Sutikna, Andreas Wllhöfer, Yvonne Standtke, Ukrike Birnbaum, Benz Roos, Anh Nguyen

Produkt: ElementLabs Versa Rays

Buildings 7 B-C Bridge Group:
Maria Petri, Ulli Schulz, Linda Ulrich, Susanne Mehner, Jochn Lochner, Fiona Kischka, Michaela savic, Carlos Gonzales, Matthieu Chambaud

Produkt: ElementLabs Versa Tubes

Building 7 C Stair Tower Group:
Fabian Reimer, Ruxandra Ene, Emilia Chandra, Viona Lee, Mitzi Medina, Diana Soriano

Produkt: ElementLabs Versa Tiles

Building 7 A-B Bridge
Building 7 B-C Bridge
Building 7 C Stair Tower