Designs for Kröpelin awarded

Maren Pietzonka's design (1st semester, Master's) for the children's day-care centre convinced the jury, rendering: Maren Pietzonka, source: Faculty of Architecture and Design, Hochschule Wismar, 2021
(from left to right) The students Frauke Müller, Tassia Albert, Vanessa Hink, Jessica Rieke, Sarina Eskandari, Finn Petersen, Maria Antonia Morales and Maren Pietzonka with Prof. Martin Wollensak as well as Thomas Gutteck (Mayor of Kröpelin), Veikko Hackendahl (Head of the City Council of Kröpelin), Photographer: Philipp Richter, Source: Faculty of Architecture and Design, Hochschule Wismar, 2021

On Thursday, June 3, 2021, the first place to third place and nine purchases out of forty submitted designs by bachelor and master students from the degree program of architecture in the Faculty of Architecture and Design of the Hochschule Wismar for the possible development of the educational campus "Am Mühlenberg" in Kröpelin were awarded in an attendance event in the auditorium of the school "Am Mühlenberg" in Kröpelin. Representatives from the city of Kröpelin as well as interested citizens went to the presentations, taking the hygiene protection measures into account. The student ideas competition had been announced at the beginning of the summer semester 2021 internally in the degree program of architecture at Hochschule Wismar. The competition was supervised by Prof. Martin Wollensak from the degree program of architecture.

The jury consisted of representatives of the city of Kröpelin, including the mayor Thomas Gutteck and the head of the city council Veikko Hackendahl. The task was to design the expansion of the area "Am Mühlenberg" with a sustainable replacement building for the daycare center planned there due to the growing number of inhabitants. A place for optimal learning and for learners, teachers and parents to meet and feel comfortable, was to be developed.

The three first places went to
1st  Maren Pietzonka  – 1. Semester, Master
2nd  Aiana Romano Andrade – 1. Semester, Master
3rd   Johannes Dörnen – 3. Semester, Master





9 Purchases
Vanessa Hinck / Jessica Rieke Ankauf – 1. Semester, Master
Mithun Sam Mathew Ankauf – 3. Semester, Master
Finn Petersen Ankauf – 3. Semester, Master
Sarina Eskandari Ankauf – 3. Semester, Master
Maria Antonia Morales Ankauf – 1. Semester, Master
Tassia Albert Ankauf – 1. Semester, Master
Leonardo Kommke Ankauf – 1. Semester, Master
Frauke Müller Ankauf – 1. Semester, Master
Afia Alam Ankauf – 2. Semester, Master

Prof. Martin Wollensak,