Gottlob Frege Prize 2020 for Attendo

Diploma, Niklas Deinzer, rendering "Attendo", scenery
Diploma, Niklas Deinzer, Rendering "Attendo
Portrait Niklas Deinzer

Photographer: Lara Wendt

His thesis was supervised by Prof. Volker Zölch. The second examiner was Martin Hoss from the company Greenfields-ID in Adendorf.

Self-determined life through linkageHighly personalized and physiotherapeutic training by means of an electromagnetically operated cable pulley is envisaged by Niklas Deinzer's design "Attendo". Adapted to the user's body size, training progress, pathological characteristics and diagnoses, "Attendo" is also supplemented by a smarthome interface. This allows the user to connect using telemedicine (linking to the electronic patient record), video chat (contact with relatives and friends), smarthome control (control of e.g. light, temperature, blinds, ventilation), assistance systems (control of e.g. fall prevention, security camera, medication and appointment reminders, nutrition recommendations). The homebound person has the possibility to exercise with the one device, to control his environment and at the same time to contact his doctors, therapists, friends and relatives.

"The goal of my project was to develop a system that would enable people to live as long as possible in a self-determined manner without having to resort to stigmatizing solutions," says Deinzer, explaining his design against the backdrop of demographic change.

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