Lighting: Preis für Alumnus Luis Villasana

Graduate Luis Villasana in the studio at Wismar University of Applied Sciences, Technology, Business and Design, Faculty of Design, House 7c. Photographer: Eugene Lim
Conceptual lighting sketch of the gates. Indirect lighting. Source: Luis Villasana
Conceptual lighting for the area known as No Man's Land (Tierra de Nadie) on the university campus in Caracas. Source: Luis Villasana

The graduate Luis Villasana receives for his master thesis "Lighting the Heritage in Public Spaces: Universitarian City of Caracas (CUC) - Venezuela" during the opening of the 24th European Lighting Congress on March 21, 2021 the Young Talent Award in the category I "Bachelor, Master, Diploma", which is endowed with 500 euros.  Dr. Melanie Helmer from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT Karlsruhe) received the prize in category II "Dissertations". A special prize went to Tim Hegemann of Darmstadt Technical University. Prof. Christoph Schierz, Chairman of the Technical Scientific Committee (TWA), had chaired the expert jury and read out the total of three award winners during the opening of the "Light 2021" online congress.

Villasana thanked his professors Dr. Thomas Römhild, Michael F. Rohde and Jan Blieske, among others, and for his time at the Faculty of Design at Wismar University of Applied Sciences in the master's program Architectural Lighting Design. The recording of the opening ceremony and award ceremony can be viewed on the YouTube channel of the German Lighting Society (LiTG) until July 2021.

Villasana studied in the Architectural Lighting Design master's program from 2018 to 2020, having completed his bachelor's degree in Caracas at Venezuela's oldest university, the Universidad Central de Venezuela. This was founded in 1721 and declared an UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000. Villasana's master's thesis deals with the exterior lighting of the university campus. The master thesis was supervised by Prof. Jan Blieske and Prof. Dr. Thomas Römhild. Currently the graduate lives in Berlin and is looking forward to new projects in the field of "Architectural Lighting Design".

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