Wismarer DIAlog with Matthias Siegert

Campus Wismar, Haus 7a, Hörsaal

Matthias Siegert, owner and office founder of the architectural firm VON M GmbH, Stuttgart, on the topic of "Everything easy" at the Wismar DIAlog.

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We are there: Library Night, Wismar

Stadtbibliothek, Hansestadt Wismar, Ulmenstraße 15, 23966 Wismar

The Master's program Architectural Lighting Design participates with a lighting project in the Library Night 2023 of the Hanseatic City of Wismar.

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Wismarer DIAlog with Andree Weißert

Campus Wismar, Haus 7a, Hörsaal

Andree Weißert, Studio Weißert, Berlin, on the topic "I am the city, the climate and the transformation." at the Wismar DIAlog.


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Fri 6Oct2023
Sun 8Oct2023

We are present: Fangfrisch, Wismar

Markt- und Eventhalle, Stockholmer Str. 1, 23966 Wismar

Fangfrisch is the new trade fair in the northeast for applied arts in Wismar. The Faculty of Architecture and Design presents its interdisciplinary…

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