Film idea against violence

Alle drei Personen knien auf dem Boden in einem leeren Raum.
Student Ayleen Vorberg (right) in conversation with actress Anna Brüggemann and Jakob Stöve. Photo: Fiona Schoof (c) Sattelmaier-Vorberg

(Wismar/M-V) Ayleen Vorberg is in her 9th semester of the diploma programme in Communication Design and Media at the Faculty of Architecture and Design at Hochschule Wismar, University of Applied Sciences. From the theory she developed in a course to the further elaboration of her film idea in a free study project to its realisation as an 80-second film with the help of diverse support, the student has taken an unusual path. From 24 to 30th November 2022, "Lost Lifetime - Escaping Domestic Violence" can be seen in the cinemas of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in the advance programme.
Thanks go to the supporters, including the actress and screenwriter Anna Brüggemann, the Director of Photography Finn Sattelmaier, the Ministry of Justice, Equality and Consumer Protection Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and volunteers as well as the supervising teachers, Prof. Björn Kernspeckt and Prof. Britta Wauer.

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