A Café for our Faculty

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Project Infos

Year: 2021

Interior Design

Hantke, Oliver, Prof.

Pauline Jünemann, Jasmin Schnell, Lena Warnken, Esther Weisse

Project type:

In order to force communication between all members of our faculty, the students had to design a space where making a brake will lead to communicative events and make the people meet.

C7 - A Container Café for the Faculty of Design - Esther Mia Weisse

Café C7 is a further addition to all existing facilities in the Faculty of Design, which is intended to offer students and teachers a new place for exchange, communication and leisure. Placed between houses 7a and 7b, it plays on and enlivens the outside space not only for events.

Door to door - a living room for house 7 - Jasmin Schnell

Even if we work door to door day in and day out, the students of different courses have little contact with each other or with their professors and staff at the university. To change that, a café is being created by, with and for students from planning to implementation and operation. Here, hot and cold drinks as well as snacks and smaller dishes are to be offered, which vary depending on the occasion.

Comfortable sofas and armchairs or chairs, which invite you to sit down due to their movability, create a casual, sociable atmosphere. The different setting options allow different group sizes.

The increasing awareness of sustainability and the creativity of the faculty should be expressed through the upcycling of old doors, which thus form the seating and the counter. The frames and fillings are formally taken up and, together with the different surface colors and qualities, a motley »charm of the imperfect« is created.

Café 7ieben - Lena Warnken

A café that is not just for the design faculty, but also looks like a designer.

The café is located within the building of the design faculty of the Wismar University of Applied Sciences in building 7a. It is right next to the lecture hall on the mezzanine floor where the coffee machines were previously. The place should serve to represent the students and lecturers as well as offer space for communication, relaxation and smaller events.

Not only the house number, but also the shape of the room served as the formal basis for the entire design. The faculty color orange is used as an accent color. The unconventional look creates a modern and at the same time rough impression.

A living room for house 7 - Pauline Jünemann

The aim of this project is to create a place where students, professors and employees of the university can come together, exchange ideas and escape from everyday life.


[Translate to English:] Ein Wohnzimmer für Haus 7, Pauline Jünemann
[Translate to English:] Ein Wohnzimmer für Haus 7, Pauline Jünemann
[Translate to English:] Tür an Tür, Jasmin Schnell
[Translate to English:] Tür an Tür, Jasmin Schnell
[Translate to English:] Café 7ieben, Lena Warnken
[Translate to English:] Café 7ieben, Lena Warnken
[Translate to English:] Container Café C7, Esther Weisse
[Translate to English:] Container Café C7, Esther Weisse