German Recycling Design Award | Instant Space

Project Infos

Year: 2019


Fromm, Asko, Prof. Dr.-Ing.Loeper, Philipp, LBA, Vertretungsprofessor

Hannes Eggert, Joel Laurino, Frauke Nessler, Moritz Niebler

Project type:
Group Project

Instant Space - Sculptural Pavilion

A sculptural pavilion was to be created from air-fillable transport cushions that were used to secure cargo during the construction of the Elbe Philharmonic Hall in Hamburg. Based on a triangular structure, a stable overall structure was developed that absorbs the compressive and tensile forces: Specially adapted tension elements made of mason's cord and sewn loops made of a fire hose act as connecting elements.

Around 350 designers from 13 countries took part in the competition for the 9th German Recycling Design Award 2019 with a good 300 projects.

The Instand Space entry from the Faculty of Design at Wismar University of Applied Sciences was one of 29 entries exhibited at Marta Herford from September 22th, 2019 to January 2020.

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