Product Design

Over the past decades, design has taken on a significant function in all areas of private and public life. This significance will continue to grow since objects are given an identity through design, design allows interrelations to be identified, thereby providing people with a sense of orientation.

Design takes advantage of state-of-the-art communication media as well as planning methods, thereby meeting social and private requirements in increasingly shorter periods of time.

Design is particularly interdisciplinary in nature, it thrives on the exchange of ideas and suggestions between art, science and practical application, from communication between the designers as well as with users and consumers.

There are two fields of study available for students of design at Hochschule Wismar – Product Design and Jewellery Design. The specialist knowledge taught in artistic and design exercises, periods of work experience and project work serves as an introduction to the complex tasks facing the students in their subsequent fields of activity. The interdisciplinary cooperation between the fields of study and courses is deliberate and promotes the flexibility of the students in terms of their deployment.

Study Counseling

Course Content

The foundation course lasts three semesters. The objective is to convey the artistic, theoretical and technical knowledge required by the students to enable them to work independently on projects in the main part of the course.

In the foundation course the following subjects are offered for students of both fields of study:

  • Principles of Design
  • Principles of Illustration
  • Principles of Planning
  • Principles of Technology
  • Nature Studies
  • Cultural and Art History

The main part of the course consists of four semesters and one semester for the dissertation. It is divided into the field of practical design subjects and the broad range of artistic, scientific-theoretical subjects.
Choice of subjects in the main part of the course (examples)

Product Design:

  • Conceptual Product Design/Project Work
  •  Presentation (illustration/model making)
  •  Experimental Design
  •  Marketing/Management
  • Design for Public Spaces
  • Product Graphics
  • Theory and History of Design
  • Communication Theory
  • Computer Design
  • Corporate Identity
  •  Technical English

Job Description

The product designer works as an intermediary between the producer and the user in designing and developing products and product systems for the following areas:

  • Production
  • Work
  • Household
  • Living
  • Recreation
  • Public domain

Our graduates from the field of study Product Design are either self-employed in designer groups or work as members of development departments in industry.