Christmas Lighting

Photo: Wismar University Campus with first light rehearsals on the theme of "Christmas lighting", December 2021.
Photographer: Anne Sawall
Campus Wismar

Students from the Master's degree programmes in Architecture and Architectural Lighting Design illuminate the Wismar university campus between the years on the theme of "Christmas lighting" from different culturally influenced perspectives.

Everyone has their own experiences in dealing with light on a daily basis. This gives rise to expectations about the design of and with light in architecture. "Personal experiences of the participants play a special role in this seminar because the symbolism of light is culturally shaped," also says Bipin Rao, workshop manager in the lighting laboratory of the Faculty of Design, who supervises the students together with Prof. Dr. Thomas Römhild.

Participating students:
Yuri Astakhov, Maksim Dadin, Martin Flugelman, Kseniia Karmolina, Mariia Llina, Elva Waniza 

Project description of the international students:
"The Winter Lights projections on the campus relate to the Bauhaus and Vkhutemas Schools that have been influencing the design practice for 100 years. The geometrical and abstract forms inspired the patterns that we are projecting on the Campus floors and facades. We are using the legacy retro-projectors available at the university and redirect them to the urban common spaces at the University to shift the Campus nightscape for the Winter season. The play of lights and shadows reshape the Campus, and are our present for the educational community to promote sharing moments and gathering in the coldness of winter."

For further information, please contact directly
Prof. Dr. Thomas Römhild, by telephone 03841 753-7602 or by e-mail or
Bipin Rao, by telephone 03841 753-7602 or by e-mail

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