Project Infos

Year: 2022


Fromm, Asko, Prof. Dr.-Ing.Hülseweg, Daniel, Professurvertreter


Project type:
AwardConceptGroup ProjectCooperation

The Common(Re)Constructor project is a collaboration between the University of Applied Sciences in Wismar and the Technical University Dortmund and aims to create a space, both real and figuratively, in which the affected population of Ukraine can come together to develop participatory perspectives and strategies for repairing and for reconstructing the damaged city together with local and foreign experts. Ecological issues, such as the use of recycled building rubble, are to be negotiated here, as are socio-political issues, such as the strengthening and safeguarding of democracy and the rule of law through appropriate forms of coexistence.

A temporary, mobile event space, which can react to the needs of different locations and be used by different residents and experts in Ukraine, is to be designed and realized within the framework of the project in a participatory manner with refugee initiatives, local institutions and students.

On the one hand, the project has a clear architectural and structural orientation and explores possibilities of circular urban mining processes in devastated war zones. On the other hand, it also has a strong participatory component through the expertise of Prof. Renée Tribble (urban planning, land use planning and process design) of the TU Dortmund University and places the knowledge and participation of refugees and affected persons at the center of the project work. The knowledge gained about participatory strategies and tools through project participation will also be applied in process facilitation at the field sites in Ukraine and passed on as open source.   

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