Bartning-Kirche in Wismar


Jahr: 2020


Ludwig, Matthias, Prof.

Luis Henrique Da Rocha


Erweiterungsbau für die denkmalgeschützte "Neue Kirche"

Kooperation mit der Kirchengemeinde

silence architecture - the concept 

Located in one of the most important and historically protected squares in Wismar, the new meeting room for the Neue Kirche is conceived with SILENCE in mind. The design is as simple as possible guaranteeing the right approach to not disturb the delicate surrounding. Moreover, the materials match with the brick architecture that is all over the square, keeping the overall atmosphere.  Rounded corners bring the contemporary use of the bricks, creating evidence that this building is new and an add-on to the existing Neue Kirche. The flat roof is an important aspect for the composition of the surrounding for two reasons: matches with the closest existing buildings and the flat roof do not cover the pitch roof of the original church, keeping the visibility and hierarchy. 

a place to talk 

On the other hand, from the inside, this is the right place to talk, play and meet. There are no parallel planes in the meeting room. Not even the ceiling. This shape creates the ideal acoustic space for conversations. Moreover, natural light and crossed ventilation is a key factor in this project. The main room is a flexible open space that can be combined with a secondary room, creating multiple internal layouts that are capable of to adapt in different situations like rounded meetings, concerts or speeches. The final result is a simple but deeply and respectul project integrated with its surroundings, but at the same time a new and welcome place for sharing, praying, meeting and interact with the society. 

the volumetry 

People meet in circles. This was the starting point for a meeting room. Then, the circle expands to shelter the program and to adapt to the triangular terrain. Background areas contain a kitchen, deposits and bathrooms. To connect both buildings, a very light glass structure is placed between both buildings. A service