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Patient roomlighting


Jahr: 2009

Architectural Lighting Design

Rohde, Michael F., Prof.Römhild, Thomas, Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Ngurah Clifton Pinatih


A human body as an organic living form is not always in the good or healthy condition. Being healthy is everyone’s dream at all times. Unfortunately illness arises when one factor determining health conditions is imbalanced. Having a break from daily routines and some medicine are prescribed to recover from illness. In some cases extra treatment is required in order to recover from a particular illness. A hospital, being a healthcare facility is providing the extra treatment required for certain illnesses. Being hospitalized might be the last option if bed-rest and some medicine are not enough to get healthy and back to daily routines. Some people associate hospital with fear, uncertainty and solation. In other words, generally a hospital is a place which does not support a patient’s psychological aspects, with regards to its main function.

Nowadays, compared to its earlier functions, a hospital does more than simply taking care of sick people, but to heal them through a process. Creating an encouraging environment that can promote the patient’s sense of well-being has become the main issue in the latest hospital design instead of providing functional and technical support. From that point of view, the expectation is to positively communicate with the patient’s inner strength of and help them to heal from inside. Artificial light is mostly used inside hospital instead of daylight, especially when the amount of daylight is inadequate to support a positive environment for the patients. An optimal lighting solution is required to promote positive environment to support the healing process in a psychological way with considerations to function, aesthetic, and economical aspects.

Corridor lighting
Corridor lighting
Sketch – patient room lighting