Turkey-Mexico Cultural Center



Jahr: 2020


Hackel, Marcus, Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Mariajose Castelan Cueto, Melis Yagmur Elaldi


Interacting with a culture and its characteristics is also about being able to understand its forms and particularities. The distinctions that separate them from each other can as well provide the bond to complements one another.

Through the fusion of the cultures from Mexico and Turkey, we have compiled the most significant features that unite them into three categories; inner courtyards, arcades, and the use of color.

One of the key intentions is to preserve direct communication between the adjacent community and the project. For this purpose, we have divided the complements that correspond to the neighboring roads and unite them through the portals, that according to the color spectrum we have designed, will guide the visitor through the complex.

The main building is conceptualized based on the connections to be created by the user in the diverse venues taking place within it. The design of the glass-covered unit that surrounds the main building will give the visitor a sense of freedom while maintaining the inner-space performance. With this project, we seek to honor the cultural diversity within both countries, while promoting the union of cultures. 

"A community that learns together excels together." – Robert Reed

North Facade
Aerial view
Plans and Elevations
Interior OG
Interior EG
East Facade
Material Section