Urban Meal Mine [Cultura]

01 Guerilla Farming


Jahr: 2019


Hackel, Marcus, Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Tan Boon Kuan & Vincent Phang


FOOD HUB 2.0 [Centre for Learning, Research and Generation of Urban Meal]

New Covent Market, located in the Nine Elms District [London], is envisaged to be the pioneer hub in Urban Meal Innovation. The vision looks to fuse learning, research and generation of food in the new Market. Understanding future food consumption habits is imperative for the Market to be relevant in the 21st Century. These habits range from consumption of lean green algae, meatless meat, bugs to fresh produce. The ever-changing food landscape calls for research incubator to be an integral part of any future food hubs.
Continuing the paradigm shift towards Prosumerism [Consumers as Producers], interactive educational space such as Seed Sowing Zone, 3D Food Printing Workshop, Guerrilla Farming, Algae Workshop, Fabrication Lab etc. are proposed in the New Covent Market. User experience is intertwined with the flow of different functional spaces on Generation of Food [Research Lab > Vertical Farming > Food Processing Centre > Market].
The organic form of the new proposed Food Hub is inspired by the fluidity and growth of cell culture. The proposed 148,810sqm food hub contains Farming Core as the centrepiece that signifies New Covent Market as a self-sustained food generation Market. A series of outdoor terraces with Algae Production Facades provides additional space for farming landscape.


02 Farming Core
03 Site Plan
04 Circulation
05 Elevation & Section
06 Facade Design
07 Prosumerism