Workshop Neuruppin, 4 Day-Miniworkshop

Museum of Local History 1


Jahr: 2009

Architectural Lighting Design

Rohde, Michael F., Prof.Römhild, Thomas, Prof. Dr.-Ing.



In March 2006, on the occasion of the 750th anniversary of the founding of Neuruppin, first lighting trials were carried out on and around the Pfarrkirche. Citizens were positively impressed by how the nighttime image of their town could be changed for the better by relatively simple means! This was a perfect opportunity for 24 motivated, international students from University of Wismar to test what they had learned after almost three months in theory. In a 4 day mini-workshop three projects were selected. Located in the heart of the town, the lighting projects were seen by many citizens of Neuruppin, who again asked: »why is this only for one night?«

Museum of Local History, Prof. Dr. Thomas Römhild
Ulrike Schulz, Phraporn Kasemtvornsilpa, Yvonne Standtke, Matthieu Chambaud, Ulrike Birnbaum, Minori Ogawa.

Wichmannstrasse in Blue, Prof. Valentin Rothmaler
Jochen Lochner, Paula Longato, Viona Lee Wing Sum, Michaela Savicz, Diana Soriano, Ruxandra Ene, Chirawadee Iamasakul, Bunpot Assawarungsee, Quang Tran.

Old Grammar School, Prof. Michael F. Rohde
Carlos Gonzales, Benz Roos, Fiona Kischka, Deni Sutikna, Emilia Chandra, Anh Nguyen, Mitzi Medina, Sudrak Prichanond, Paul Ehlert.

Old Grammar School
Museum of Local History 2
Wichmannstrasse in Blue 2
Wichmannstrasse in Blue