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Since merging the seven existing courses of study into one faculty in 2007, a holistic concept of composition, art, design and architecture has been created without relinquishing the autonomy and quality of the individual courses. One focus of the training course concerns the conceptual design and project work to be prepared by each student individually. The professors provide their support, advice and direction to the students in intensive fashion, including the possibility of one-to-one mentoring.


An additional feature of the quality of the training course is the wide range of subjects in design, art, handicrafts and technology as well as scientific and academic disciplines. Many of the lectures offered in the various courses of study may be attended by students enrolled in other courses. As well as the possibility of studying subjects from many other disciplines, these interdisciplinary efforts are embodied in joint projects, the annual exhibition DIA, the Faculty Year Book as well as the series of lectures entitled DIAlog.


Life & Studies

Its location by the Baltic Sea, its countless possibilities for recreation activities, the affordable accommodation, and the large number of student pubs make Wismar an ideal place to study.

However, the open nature of the atmosphere at the Faculty of Design is of much greater significance for choosing to study here: the studios are open – round the clock; the professors and members of staff are open to ideas and problems – even outside lectures; the courses are open – also for interdisciplinary exchanges and interdisciplinary projects.

This atmosphere provides the unique and creative space required for inspiration, spontaneity, discussion and individual expression.

Faculty building, House 7

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