Jewellery Design Workshop

In the jewellery design workshop, you can always go on a journey of discovery and you could find everywhere little treasures. Be it the work of the students who are still unfinished on the work boards waiting for their completion or the countless enamel colors and various tools that await their use in the cupboards.

In the basic course of the jewelry design course, students learn and deepen their classic goldsmithing techniques, which form the basis for the later design and implementation of individual pieces of jewellery. Each semester, a project is developed in which new techniques are learned, e.g. enamelling, chasing, precious stone setting, etc. The main course is used to experiment and freely design pieces of jewellery with unconventional materials such as porcelain, wood, plastic and much more:

In the workshop, so-called author jewellery is mainly created, i.e. unique jewellery, as well as small ones, which are all made by the students themselves according to their own design. The designs are almost never aimed at the production of industrial series in order to maintain the unique character.