Photography Workshop

In the field of photography, the Faculty of Architecture and Design at Hochschule Wismar has a spacious studio with a cove, which offers space for almost any project. Borrowable analog and digital cameras (small, medium and large format) with various additional equipment as well as different lighting technology make professional photography possible. The further processing of the photographs takes place in the individual photo labs, depending on the shooting technique. For this purpose, a color and b/w lab as well as a digital darkroom are available to the students.

Photography promotes the arrangement of elements into exciting image compositions and an eye for the small details that are to be discovered in the world. Working in the darkroom expands students' understanding of image processing in the digital realm and also shows them that analogue-produced works still have their place in this age. At the same time, it also demonstrates the skills needed to hold a good image in one's hands as the result of a long process.